Frontiers in Inflammation

Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation

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Basic Biology and Clinical Aspects of Inflammation provides information about the critical cells and biochemical mediators involved in the complex process of inflammation. Readers are introduced to ...
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Inflammation in Oral Diseases

Pp. 254-291 (38)

Praveen R. Arany


The oral cavity is a unique anatomical niche with its complex milieu of factors that has developed an intricate and elaborate network of pathophysiological responses. This chapter provides a brief overview of the fundamental pathophysiology of oral cavity with an emphasis on the inflammation and immune responses that regulate various oral diseases. The compounding nature of microbial and mechanical insults adds intriguing facets to the role of inflammation in the etiopathogenesis of oral pathologies. Finally, current and future strategies to prevent, reduce or reverse the injurious nature of inflammation in various oral diseases are briefly discussed.


Inflammation, Microbial biofilms, Oral immunology, Oral Mucosa, Wound healing.


Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo, 3435 Main Street, B36A Foster Hall, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA.