Topological Geometrodynamics

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Topological geometrodynamics (TGD) is a modification of the theory of general relativity inspired by the problems related to the definition of inertial and gravitational energies in the earlier ...
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Cosmology and Astrophysics in Many-Sheeted Space Time

Pp. 851-942 (92)

Matti Pitkanen


This chapter is devoted to the applications of TGD to astrophysics and cosmology.

1. Many-sheeted cosmology

The many-sheeted space-time concept, the new view about the relationship between inertial and gravitational four-momenta, the basic properties of the paired cosmic strings, the existence of the limiting temperature, the assumption about the existence of the vapor phase dominated by cosmic strings, and quantum criticality imply a rather detailed picture of the cosmic evolution, which differs from that provided by the standard cosmology in several respects but has also strong resemblances with inflationary scenario.

It should be made clear that many-sheeted cosmology involves a vulnerable assumption. It is assumed that single-sheeted space-time surface is enough to model the cosmology. This need not to be the case. GRT limit of TGD is obtained by lumping together the sheets of many-sheeted space-time to a piece of Minkowski space and endowing it with an effective metric, which is sum of Minkowski metric and deviations of the induced metrics of space-time sheets from Minkowski metric. Hence the proposed models make sense only if GRT limits allowing imbedding as a vacuum extremal of Kahler action have special physical role.....


Cosmology, Equivalence Principle, inflation, criticality, quantum criticality, space-time as surface, many-sheeted space-time, vacuum extremal, Russian doll cosmology, fractality, zero energy ontology, causal diamond, Big Bang, Robertson-Walker metric, dark matter, Planck constant, monopole fluxes, cosmic string, cosmological magnetic fields.


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