Bipolar Transistor and MOSFET Device Models

Continuous efforts to develop new semiconductor devices enable device manufacturers to make significant improvements in the information technology sector. Bipolar transistors and MOSFETS are two ...
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Parasitic Limitations of MOSFETs: Gate Fringe Capacitance, Silicided Source/Drain Resistance, and Threshold Voltage Shift Due to Impurity Penetration through a Thin Gate Oxide

Pp. 547-582 (36)

Kunihiro Suzuki


Parasitic capacitance and resistance associated with source/drain silicide contacts are not scaled down, and they have a large influence on the device characteristics considering the scaling effect. The fringe capacitance and source/drain resistance are investigated in this chapter. Futher, the impact of B penetration through gate oxide on threshold voltage is analyzed. As the device is scaled down, the impurities in polycrystalline Si gate tend to penetrate the substrate through the thin gate oxide, and the influence of the penetrated impurity to the shift of threshold voltage becomes significant.


Conformal mapping, Effective length, Electric capacitance, Fringe capacitance, Junction depth, Parasitic capacitance, Poisson integration, Resistance, Silicide, SOI, source/drain.


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