Bipolar Transistor and MOSFET Device Models

Continuous efforts to develop new semiconductor devices enable device manufacturers to make significant improvements in the information technology sector. Bipolar transistors and MOSFETS are two ...
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The Single-Gate SOI MOSFET Model

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Kunihiro Suzuki


Single-gate SOI MOSFET has been proposed to alleviate scaling limit of bulk MOSFETs. We show an analytical model for threshold voltage for the device considering two-dimensional effects in both SOI and buried oxide layers. The model explains the dependence of short channel effects on the device parameters of channel-doping concentration, gate oxide, SOI, and buried oxide thicknesses, which agree well with numerical data.


Characteristic length, Fully-depleted, Gate length, Poisson equation, Scaling theory, Short channel effects, Short channel immunity, SOI, Subthreshold swing, Surface potential, Threshold voltage.


Fujitsu limited, Minatoku kaigan 1-11-1 Tokyo, Japan.