Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and Applications

Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and applications describes several approaches to facial image analysis and recognition. Eleven chapters cover advances in computer vision and pattern ...
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Model-Less 3D Face Pose Estimation

Pp. 132-153 (22)

Fawzi Khattar, Fadi Dornaika and Ammar Assoum


Automatic head pose estimation consists of using a computer to predict the pose of a person based on a given facial image. Fast and reliable algorithms for estimating the head pose are essential for many applications and higher-level face analysis tasks. Many of machine learning-based techniques used for face detection and recognition can also be used for pose estimation. In this chapter, we present a new dimensionality reduction algorithm based on a sparse representation that takes into account pose similarities. Experimental results conducted on three benchmarks face databases are presented.


Age classification, Age estimation, Age prediction, Dimensionality reduction, Facial feature extraction, Gabor filter, K-nearest neighbors, Labelsensitive, Local binary pattern, Local regression, Locality preserving projections, Machine learning, Marginal fisher analysis, Mean absolute error, Partial least square regression, Preprocessing, Recognition rate, Support vector regression.


LaMA Laboratory, Lebanese University, Faculty of Science, Section III, Tripoli, Lebanon.