Mycology: Current and Future Developments

Fungal Biotechnology for Biofuel Production

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Mycology: Current and Future Developments is a book series that brings together the latest contributions to research on the biology, genetics, and industrial use of fungi. Each book chapter is ...
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From Genomes to Transcriptomes and Secretomes: A Fungal Perspective with Insights into Biorefinery Applications

Pp. 366-394 (29)

Carlaile F.O. Nogueira, Gabriela L. Berto, Gustavo H. Goldman, Rolf A. Prade and Fernando Segato


The post-genomic sequencing stimulated all sorts of biological sequencing strategies such as genomic DNA sequencing, mRNA-Seq, LC-MS/MS peptide counting and metabolomics enabling the establishment of complex and interactive networks made out of genes, proteins and metabolites. High-throughput methodologies analyze multiple metabolic pathways simultaneously offering benefits in the exploitation of new biorefining processes. However, it is evident that a single approach cannot unravel or solve the complexities of fundamental microbial biology by just making the integration of multiple information layers. Therefore, efforts have been made to systematically analyze the correlation between transcriptomic and proteomic datasets, improving the chances of capturing gene protein relationships as well as integration of novel biological processes. Here, we describe high-throughput genomics and proteomics tools, discuss the associated challenges and analyze fungal secretomes.


Biofuels, biomass, enzymatic hydrolysis, filamentous fungi, genome, next-generation sequence, transcriptome, RNA-Seq, proteome, secretome.


Department of Biotechnology, Escola de Engenharia de Lorena, University of São Paulo, Lorena, SP, Brazil.