Green Adsorbents

Green Adsorbents

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Adsorption technology is a promising avenue for wastewater treatment. Numerous adsorbent materials are presently synthesized. Green or environmental friendly adsorbents are derived from plants and ...
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Adsorption in Wastewater Treatment

Pp. 35-53 (19)

George Z. Kyzas


In this chapter, the process of adsorption is described and especially its use in wastewater treatment. Some literature reports of previous decades are given in order to compare the adsorption applicability in past and present, and the various isotherm models used are extensively described.


Adsorption, Brunauer-Emmer-Teller (BET), Dubinin-Radushkevich, Flory-Huggins, Freundlich, Halsey, Langmuir, Redlich-Paterson, Sips, Temkin, Toth, Wastewater.


Technological Educational Insitute of Kavala, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.