Green Adsorbents

Green Adsorbents

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Adsorption technology is a promising avenue for wastewater treatment. Numerous adsorbent materials are presently synthesized. Green or environmental friendly adsorbents are derived from plants and ...
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Composition of Industrial Wastewaters

Pp. 3-34 (32)

George Z. Kyzas


The composition of industrial wastewaters is not the same for each type of effluents. Other compositions have dyeing effluents, and are drastically different from tanneries. Therefore, in this chapter a special mention is realized about the characteristics of wastewaters and various physic-chemical properties.


BOD, COD, composition, dyeing effluents, industrial wastewaters, insecticides, ions, pesticides, phenols, phenols, SS, tannery effluents.


Technological Educational Insitute of Kavala, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.