Frontiers in Electrical Engineering

Frontiers in Electrical Engineering

Active-Matrix Organic Light- Emitting Display Technologies

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Driving Schemes and Design Considerations for AMOLED

Pp. 161-201 (41)

Tsz Kin Ho


State of the art thin-film transistor technologies continue to fuel new areas of researches and applications in flat-panel display. However, this does not come without new issues related to device-circuit stability and uniformity over large areas, placing an even greater need for new backplane designs, driving algorithms and compensation techniques in pixel architectures. In this work, we explained design considerations for active matrix backplane. We outline a systematic design approach, including circuit theory, enabling user to design circuits without worrying about the details of device physics.


Backplane design, OLED design consideration, OLED driving.


Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.