Famous Planet Earth Caves

Famous Planet Earth Caves

Volume: 1

Sophie’s Cave (Germany) - A Late Pleistocene Cave Bear Den

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Famous Planet Earth Caves - The new series presents important caves or rock shelters in any kind of rock types all over the world. Each book focuses on a single cave presentation covering different ...
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Modern Cave Animals and Guests

Pp. 175-179 (5)

Cajus G. Diedrich


Today, some possibly endemic cave animals inhabit or use seasonally different parts of the cave system, which is still in use as a common fox den reaching hereby deeper cave parts of the lower cave system. Common cave spiders (Meta menardi) or moths (Triphosa dubitata) such as rare bats (Myotis myotis) use only the larger first two halls of the cave entrance area, whereas bats are rarely found for hibernation only deeper in the cave. In the middle part of the cave, water bodies of the speleothem terrace basins contain possibly endemic small crustaceans (Bath-ynella), in the mud infaunistic pigment and eye-less flatworms (Phagocatta) or on the water surfaces springtails (Heteromurus/Onychiurus), which species are not yet determined.


Modern vertebrates and invertebrates, fox den, bat hibernation, spider and moths in anterior cave entrance halls, possibly endemic fauna, crustaceans and eyless flatworms in speleothem water basins.


PaleoLogic, Research Institute, Petra Bezruce 96, CZ-26751 Zdice, Czech Republic.