Famous Planet Earth Caves

Famous Planet Earth Caves

Volume: 1

Sophie’s Cave (Germany) - A Late Pleistocene Cave Bear Den

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Famous Planet Earth Caves - The new series presents important caves or rock shelters in any kind of rock types all over the world. Each book focuses on a single cave presentation covering different ...
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Postglacial Archaeology

Pp. 170-174 (5)

Cajus G. Diedrich


Postglacially, humans used the entrance throughout the Urnenfeld Bronze Age into the Hallstadt/La Tène Iron Age, which is documented by pottery shards. The lower cave entrances were occupied intensively at the Early Medival times during which the castle was built 30 meters above the cave entrance on the Jurassic dolimite plateau. From this time period, few animal and human bones such as iron/bone/stone tools and bone kitchen rubbish and several pottery shards were found on the yard infront of the today’s cave entrance and the lower cave part entrance areas.


Few archaeological finds, Urnenfeld Bronze Age, Hallstadt/La Tène Iron Age, pottery, Early Medival castle, cave entrance use.


PaleoLogic, Research Institute, Petra Bezruce 96, CZ-26751 Zdice, Czech Republic.