Medicinal Chemistry-Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine

Medicinal Chemistry-Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine

Volume: 3

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Medicinal Chemistry - Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine is a textbook intended for students taking courses in the various fields of medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, medical and dental ...
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Robert E. Smith


An extremely important part of disease prevention is vaccination, which improves the immune response to a particular disease. Vaccines save lives and prevent deadly diseases that used to take millions of lives, especially the lives of infants. Vaccines can be made from dead or inactive organisms or viruses. Vaccines can also contain “live” attenuated viruses. The tetanus and diphtheria vaccines contain inactivated toxic compounds. Children should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, hepatitis A, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, Pneumococcus, measles, mumps, rubella, rotavirus, human papilloma virus (HPV), Meningococcus, Orthomyxoviridae (flu virus) and varicella (chicken pox).


(HPV), Chicken pox, Diphtheria, Flu virus, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Human papilloma virus, Measles, Meningococcus, Mumps, Orthomyxoviridae, Pertussis, Pneumococcus, Polio, Rotavirus, Rubella, Tetanus, Varicella, Vaccination.


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