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Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis Leaves Subjected to Mechanical Wounding

Author(s): Shaojun Dai, Qiuying Pang, Yunxia Tian, Sixue Chen, Xiufeng Yan.

Graphical Abstract:


Mechanical wounding represents a serious threat to plants, initiating a strong and large remodeling of the proteome in the leaf of Arabidopsis thaliana. In the present study, 66 woundingresponsive proteins were found in Arabidopsis leaves under 1.5 h and 3h mechanical wounding using 2-DE combined with mass spectrometry. These proteins were involved in photosynthesis, glycolysis, metabolism, protein synthesis, protein folding/transporting, protein degradation, signaling transduction, membrane and transport related, cell structure, and stress and defence. The wounding-responsive molecular mechanisms in Arabidopsis leaves were revealed from the dynamic patterns of these proteins, such as inhibited photosynthesis, enhanced ATP synthesis, induced transcription, increased protein synthesis and turnover, remodeling of membrane and cell structure, and ROS scavenging. This provides more information for further investigation of wounding response/ tolerance networks in plants.

Keywords: Proteomics, Mechanical wounding, Leaves, Arabidopsis.

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Year: 2015
Page: [124 - 136]
Pages: 13
DOI: 10.2174/157016461202150903114607
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