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The Atmospheric Corrosiveness in Veracruz Mexico

Author(s): Ramirez Reyes Jose Luis, Galicia Aguilar Gonzalo, Genesca Llongueras Juan, Uruchurtu Chavarin Jorge, Gonzalez Mancera Guillermina.

Graphical Abstract:


The atmospheric corrosiveness was studied by the installation of seven monitoring places throughout the five main regions of the Veracruz state and applying standard methodologies as a) determination of the corrosiveness indexes using the test method ¨wire on bolt¨ for the marine atmosphere, industry and rural indexes, b) corrosion levels of ¨flat plate¨ samples in accordance with the ISO 9223 for mild steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum. Additionally measurements were made for the chlorides, sulphur dioxide pollutants and suspended particles on the atmosphere surrounding the exposed metallic samples. Morphological studies were conducted using the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for the exposed samples and energy dispersive X-rays analysis (EDX) for the identification of the aggressive elements and compounds responsible for the corrosivity of the tested materials. The outcome after one year of exposure showed the very high marine corrosiveness index for the coastal places and less notorious for the rest of the state. The industrial corrosiveness index is high only in oil producing and refining regions, but it was low in rest of the areas, therefore a rural corrosivity index threshold low level were observed. The standard ISO 9223 levels for mild steel were very high for the city of Boca del Rio (BR) and the port of Veracruz (V), while for galvanized steel and copper were: high for the industrial port of Coatzacoalcos (C) and the industrial city of Mundo Nuevo (MN), moderate for the industrial city of Poza Rica (PR) and Orizaba (O) and low for the city Xalapa (X) considered a rural-urban atmospheric classification.

Keywords: Air pollution parameters, aggressive climatic conditions, atmospheric corrosion, corrosiveness index, surface analysis.

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Article Details

Year: 2015
Page: [23 - 30]
Pages: 8
DOI: 10.2174/2352094905666150514232211