Similarity Measures for Face Recognition

Similarity Measures for Face Recognition

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Face recognition has several applications, including security, such as (authentication and identification of device users and criminal suspects), and in medicine (corrective surgery and diagnosis). ...
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Other Measures for Face Recognition

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Enrico Vezzetti and Federica Marcolin


Other measures are employed to compute similarity between faces. Although some of them are very popular, such as edit distance or turning function distance, they may be more frequently used for object, vectors or shape comparison and less for faces. This paragraph collects all these measures and the works in which they are used for face recognition. Among them, Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), Hidden Markov Models (HMM), and Fréchet distance have been applied to 3D data.


Dynamic Time Warping, Fréchet distance, Hidden Markov Models, arc-length distance, Histogram Intersection, Yang distance, Froboenius distance, Gradient Direction, Canberra distance.


Department of Management and Production Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.