Complex Analyses in Engineering, Science and Technology

Complex Analyses in Engineering, Science and Technology

Complex Analysis for Science and Technology is a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. The book begins with ...
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Transformation and Conformal Mapping

Pp. 149-193 (45)

S. G. Ahmed


In complex analysis, a function preserves angles if and only if it is analytic or anti-analytic the conjugate of an analytic function. In the present chapter, we will deal with the transformation and conformal mapping, let us start this chapter, by introducing the meaning of the word "Conformal", then introducing some basic definitions for both mapping and transformation. Question: what does it mean by the word conformal? The answer is quite simple, the word conformal means preserving angle of the shape after transformation at a certain point.


Bilinear transformation, inverse transformation, linear transformation, power transformation, transformations.


Taif University Al-Haweiah, Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.