Firms` Strategic Decisions: Theoretical and Empirical Findings

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This eBook presents recent case studies on firms and their strategy employed in specific scenarios and industries. Readers will find, in this volume, an analysis of oligopolistic industries done by ...
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Strategic Responses Towards Socially Concerned Customers

Pp. 77-87 (11)

Daniel Cracau


Social concerns play an important role in the recent economic literature. We model customers that obtain an aversion to firms’ profits. We discuss this effect of customers’ concern on equilibrium outcomes in monopoly and oligopoly markets with differentiated goods. We find that in monopoly markets and markets with Cournot or Bertrand competition, customers’ social concern leads to lower equilibrium prices but has no effect on optimal quantities. When considering out of equilibrium pricing, our model can account for the preference for fair-trade products.


Bertrand competition, Cournot competition, differentiated goods, disutility, economic implications, monopoly, non-differentiated goods, social concern, oligopoly theory, utility.


University of Magdeburg, Faculty of Economics and Management, Universitaetsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, Germany.