Evidence-Based Occlusal Management for Temporomandibular Disorders

Current mainstream treatments for temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are mainly conservative therapies. However, these conservative treatments are symptomatic treatments, not causal treatments. ...
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Causes and Contributing Factors of Temporomandibular Disorders

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Kengo Torii


Various contributing factors for temporomandibular disorders have been enumerated; occlusal factors, trauma, habits (bruxism, lip-, tongue-, and nail-biting) and psychological factors. However, prominent factors have not been found.


Occlusion, habits, trauma, contributing factors, grinding, clenching, myofascial pain, muscle tenderness, headache, occlusal interferences, osteoarthrosis, clicking, crepitation, malocclusion, psychological factor.


General Dentistry of the Infirmary School of Life Dentistry Nippon Dental University Tokyo Japan.