Enterprise Architecture for Business Success

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) has evolved to become a prominent presence in today’s information systems and technology landscape. The EA discipline is rich in frameworks, methodologies, and the ...
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EA Imperatives, Drivers and Objectives

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Inji Wijegunaratne, George Fernandez and Peter Evans-Greenwood


EA is about enterprise evolution and, as such, it has been often compared with the evolution of a city. This is quite appropriate as-similarly to enterprises-cities are complex and dynamic organizations that need to respond to a changing environment.

In this chapter we provide an analogy for an enterprise architecture exercise by way of planning the future of a city, introducing, through this setting, some key concepts that we elaborate upon later, for instance the levels of detail relevant to each stage of the planning process. We draw upon the learnings from this example to propose a 3-stage approach to conduct an EA exercise: Align, Elaborate and Govern.


EA and the evolution of a city, EA drivers, EA imperatives, EA objectives.