Enterprise Architecture for Business Success

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) has evolved to become a prominent presence in today’s information systems and technology landscape. The EA discipline is rich in frameworks, methodologies, and the ...
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What is the Problem with EA?

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Inji Wijegunaratne, George Fernandez and Peter Evans-Greenwood


This chapter presents our view of the problems with “Enterprise Architecture” as it is commonly understood and conducted today. We sow the seeds of our perspective of Enterprise Architecture, planting its roots in the business of the enterprise. We argue that EA conducted as an IT exercise focusing mainly on technical aspects is often the reason for the lack of success of EA engagements, and that in order to succeed, the EA team needs to deliver value to the business at the speed that the business needs.


Aligning business and IT, EA and business outcomes, engineering the enterprise, the problems of EA, the Zachman framework.