The Natural Products Journal

Bin Wu
Zhejiang University


Antifungal Azole Derivatives and their Pharmacological Potential: Prospects & Retrospects

Author(s): Sardul S. Sandhu, Harshita Shukla, Ravindra P. Aharwal, Suneel Kumar, Shyamji Shukla.


Despite numerous efforts by researchers the increasing fungal infections are still a major threat to the society. To combat this dilemma several antifungal drugs have come up through extensive research. Azoles are one of the most promising antifungal agents of them. They are heterocyclic five membered organic compounds which show activity against hazardous fungal pathogens. But the growing resistance against azoles in fungal pathogens and side effects accompanied with the use of synthetic azoles has generated an urgent need to search for natural and eco-friendly azoles. The present review provides a detailed account about the structure and function of clinically important antifungal azole derivatives and some patents related to them. This article also gives a brief overview about some naturally derived antifungal azoles.

Keywords: Azole, antifungal, cytochrome P450, ergosterol, fluconazole, imidazole, ketoconazole, triazole.

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Article Details

Year: 2014
Page: [140 - 152]
Pages: 13
DOI: 10.2174/221031550402141009100632
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