An Introduction to Trigonometry and its Applications

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This book represents a novel approach for the trigonometry and an original scientific work in this field, by using the ensemble structure composed of the real analysis and the axiomatic fundaments of ...
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Real Functions of Real Arguments

Pp. 29-48 (20)

Vasile Postolică


This chapter contains a significant sequence of the properties for the real functions of real arguments, also important for the introduction of the fundamental trigonometric functions. Here are included only the properties considered appropriate for defining and describing the essential trigonometric functions. the range of these representative qualities is larger and it is also suggested by the selective bibliography mentioned further on.


real function of real argument, graphic, surjective, injective, bijective, inverse, geometric characterization, bounded, monotonous, periodic, centers(axes) of symmetry, Darboux property, continuous, convex(concave).


Romanian Academy of Scientists, “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, România.