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An Intelligent Based Motion Estimation with Initial Search Center Prediction

Author(s): Immanuel A. Pandian, G. Josemin Bala.

Graphical Abstract:


Block matching motion estimation is a popular method in developing video coding applications. The use of fixed pattern prevents the motion estimation algorithms from locating the actual position of the global distortion minimum. Hence, to address the problem of local optima in motion estimation, it can be viewed as an optimization process to find the best matching block with reduced number of search points which is solved by the PSO technique. Due to the center biased nature of the videos, the proposed approach uses an initial pattern to speed up the convergence of the algorithm. To further improve the performance an initial search center prediction and early termination are integrated with pattern based PSO. Simulation results show that the proposed approach has significantly reduced the number of search points when compared to other fixed pattern fast block matching algorithms, without degradation in quality. In this paper we have considered several recent patents “Motion estimation methods and systems in video encoding for battery-powered appliances”, “Motion estimation for mobile device user interaction”, “Simple next search position selection for motion estimation iterative search”.

Keywords: Block matching motion estimation, early termination, initial search center prediction, motion estimation, pattern based PSO, video coding standard.

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Year: 2014
Page: [94 - 105]
Pages: 12
DOI: 10.2174/2210686304666140820011742
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