Advances in Genome Science

Advances in Genome Science

Volume: 3

Keeping up with Genome Sequence and Expression

Genome science or genomics is essential to advancing knowledge in the fields of biology and medicine. Specifically, researchers learn about the molecular biology behind genetic expression in living ...
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TWIST1 Gene: First Insights in Felis Catus

Pp. 213-232 (20)

Cláudia S. Baptista, Sara Santos, Estela Bastos, Henrique Guedes-Pinto, Ivo G. Gut, Fátima Gärtner and Raquel Chaves


TWIST1 is thought to be a novel oncogene. Understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating the TWIST1 gene expression profiles in tumor cells may give new insights regarding prognostic factors and novel therapeutic targets in veterinary oncology. In the present study we partially isolated the TWIST1 gene in Felis catus and performed comparative studies. Several primer combinations were used based on the alignments of homologous DNA sequences. After PCR amplification, three bands were obtained, purified and sequenced. Several bioinformatic tools were utilized to carry out the comparative studies. Higher similarity was found between the isolated TWIST1 gene in Felis catus and Homo sapiens (86%) than between Homo sapiens and Rattus norvegicus or Mus musculus (75%). Partial amino acid sequence showed no change in the four species analyzed. This confirmed that coding sequences presented high similarity (~96%) between man and cat. These results give the first insights regarding the TWIST1 gene in cat but further studies are required in order to establish, or not, its role in tumor formation and progression in veterinary oncology.


Animal model, coding gene, comparative analysis, expression profiles, Felis catus, first TWIST1 isolation in cat, gene localization, in silico mapping, metastatic spread, molecular mechanisms, mutations, oncogene, overexpression, phylogenetic analysis, prognostic factors, protein prediction, therapeutic target, tumor formation, TWIST1 gene, veterinary oncology.


Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Centre of Genomics and Biotechnology, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (IBB/CGB-UTAD), Vila Real, Portugal.