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The Inhibition of Acetylshikonin on Bacteria and their Trypsin-like Protease and Glycosidic Enzyme may be Essential to conquer periodontal Ecological Niche

Author(s): Ming-Yu Li, Laikuan Zhu, Guang-Yun Lai, Sisu Mo and Jun Wang
Background/Purposes: The objective of this study is to evaluate the inhibitory effects of acetylshikonin on bacteria in periodontal disease and its trypsin-like protease and glycosidic enzyme activity of P. gingivalis in vitro.

Methods: The inhibition activity of acetylshikonin was identified by microbial sensitivity tests of broth dilution method on 96-microwell plate. Trypsin-like protease and glycosidic enzyme activity were measured by a fluorescence spectrophotometer.

Results: The MIC of acetylshikonin on gram-negative are 0.0625mg/ml, 0.125mg/ml, 0.125mg/ml, 0.25mg/ml, 0.25mg/ml, 0.5mg/ml, for S. intermedius, P. micros, P. acnes, L. acidophilus, A. viscosus and E. lentum respectively. Acetylshikonin showed extensive antibacterial activity against gram-negative bacteria and even more strongly than against gram-positive bacteria. The acetylshikonin inhibited both the trypsin-like protease and glycosidic enzyme activity by 45% and 95% with the final concentration of acetylshikonin from 0.0195 to 2.5 mg/ml.

Conclusion: The inhibition activity of acetylshikonin on bacteria and its enzyme of trypsin-like protease and glycosidic may be essential to conquer periodontal ecological niche for treating periodontal disease.

Acetylshikonin, trypsin-like protease, glycosidicological, niche, in vitro
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