Model-Driven Business Process Engineering

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Model Driven development (MDD) is a software and systems development model that involves the application of visual modeling principles and best practices....
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Generation of UML2 Use Cases from MEASUR’s Ontology Charts: A MDA Approach

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Georgios Tsaramirsis and Mohammad Yamin


MEASUR’s ontology charts are the product of MEASUR’s semantic analysis; a requirements analysis method used to capture the ontological dependencies of an information system. These charts can be transformed to databases and to database schemas, class diagrams, component architecture diagrams and prototype systems. This paper shows how MEASUR’s ontology charts can be transformed to UML use case diagrams so that developers can get a quick view of the system’s interaction with the users. The paper utilizes the Model Driven Architecture approach and uses simplified versions of the ontology chart and uses case Meta models. For simplicity and clarity reasons the transformation is described in English rather than a transformation language.


MEASUR’s ontology chart, MEASUR’s Semantic analysis, UML use case diagram, MDA.


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