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Recent Patents on Materials Science
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Multiferroic/Magneto-Electric Composite Thin Films: A review of Recent Patents

Author(s): Vivek Sudarsanan, Chitralekha C Sumangalayamma and Venkata Saravanan
Multiferroic and magnetoelectric composites (3-0 and 2-0) and multilayers (2-2 geometry) have recently attracted immense research interest owing to their vast application potential right from memory/storage devices, FETs, energy harvesters, sensors and transducers. Thin film based multiferroics and magnetoelectrics assumes special significance because of their direct integration potential into the device fabrication industry. Hence a fundamental research in this area along with the fabrication of versatile devices needs a thorough investigation. This review article mainly focuses on the developments of device level works in this particular area in which the discussion of recent patents is highlighted. Generally thin film magneto electrics and multiferroics shows inferior magneto electric coupling properties compared to their bulk cousins owing to their high substrate clamping. However some of the recent research developments in thin films based magneto electrics and multiferroics shows promising future. In this chapter, a general patent search in thin films is provided along with a special thrust given to the nanocomposite based multiferroics and magneto electric films.
Magnetism, magnetoelectrics, multiferroics, piezoelectrics, spintronics, storage medium