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Recent Patents on Computer Science
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Software Defined Networks for Data Center Optimization

Author(s): Gian Marco di Marzo and Francesco Benedetto
The constantly increasing amount of data generated from our everyday life requires Data Centers where storing data. Data Centers need a lot of resources to operate, and Companies are working to find new solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well. After using sea water to cool off servers and studying alternative way of generating power, the attention is now moving on alternative ways to manage data. The possibility of optimizing data management has two goals: power saving and efficiency increasing. In this paper, we will discuss how Software-Defined procedures could be applied on Data Center to optimize their operating modes, also reviewing some recent patents. Finally, we will discuss the importance of this technology along with future developments, highlighting pro and cons.
Controller, data centers, OpenFlow, software defined networking
Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Economics Lab., University of ROMA TRE, via Vito Volterra 62, 00146 Rome, Italy.