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Current Angiogenesis
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Targeting Angiogenesis in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Najib Dally and Elizabeth Eshel
Multiple Myeloma (MM) remains an incurable disease. Scientific understanding of the biology and influence of the microenvironment in disease progression and outcome has led to treatment improvements by targeting angiogenesis. Reviews of the underlying biology and meta-analyses of the clinical data tend to be mutually exclusive. This mini-review highlights important data regarding angiogenesis in MM as well as the drugs currently used to target angiogenesis in its treatment.
Angiogenesis inhibitors, anti Angiogenetic agents, anti-angiogenic effects, immunomodulation, multiple myeloma
Hematology Institute, Ziv Medical Center affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine in Zefat, Bar Ilan University, Zefat, Israel.