Vibration and Nonlinear Dynamics of Plates and Shells - Applications of Flat Triangular Finite Elements

This e-book focuses on the vibrational and nonlinear aspects of plate and shell structure dynamics by applying the finite element model. Specifically, shell finite elements employed in the ...
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Vibration Analysis of Shells with Single Curvature

Pp. 55-76 (22)

Meilan Liu and Cho W. S. To


This chapter is concerned with vibration analysis of shell structures having single curvature. The latter include cylindrical curved panel with rectangular projection, cylindrical curved panel with trapezoidal projection, the Scordelis-Lo roof, and cylindrical shell clamped at both ends. In this latter case the effect of aspect ratio is also studied.


Vibration analysis, cylindrical, panels, Scordelis-Lo roof, shells.


Department of Mechanical Engineering Lakehead University Thunder Bay Ontario Canada