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Letters in Drug Design & Discovery
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Positively Charged Nitrogen is Not Indispensable Requirement for Binding of Nitrogenous κ-Opioid Agonists: Insights from Docking Studies

Author(s): Indrani Bera and Nanda Ghoshal
Induced fit docking approach was utilized to decipher the binding mode of the recently reported dibenz[b,f]1,5-oxazocine derivative having activity towards κ-Opioid receptor. The result of docking to newly resolved crystallographic structure of κ-Opioid receptor established the important interactions as two hydrogen bonds, a π-π interaction, and two hydrophobic interactions. Based on the study it is inferred that protonated nitrogen is not always essential for binding of non-peptidic nitrogen containing opioids to κ-Opioid receptor. Also, docking was performed using well-known kappa agonist pentazocine to prove different binding requirements of the dibenzo compound. A pharmacophoric model has been developed based on the previously known nitrogen containing κ-Opioid receptor agonists and the new dibenzo compound to determine the minimal 3D features, required for κ-Opioid agonist activity. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a binding mode analysis study for non-protonated nitrogen containing κ-Opioid receptor agonist.
Agonist, Docking, Kappa opioid receptor, Non-peptidic, Opioids, Protonated nitrogen
Structural Biology & Bioinformatics Division CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology 4 Raja S. C. Mullick Road Kolkata - 700 032 India.