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Recent Patents on Drug Delivery & Formulation
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Recent Patents And Patented Technology Platforms For Pharmaceutical Taste Masking

Author(s): Deepak Kaushik and Harish Dureja
Taste masking is an important factor in the development of oral dosage forms containing bitter active pharmaceutical ingredients. Currently numerous techniques are being applied to overcome this problem. Realizing this, several researchers and pharmaceutical companies are now engaged in developing novel techniques to address the problem of taste masking which is evident by numerous patents filed in this area in recent times. In this review the most recent patents for taste masking are discussed and how these patents overcome the limitations of conventional approaches of taste masking is also addressed. Novel techniques based on some recent patents such as nanohybrid, melt extrusion, non-complex cyclodextrin compositions and off taste masking are providing new realms to taste masking of bitter drugs. The present article also provides an overview of various patented platform technologies based on different techniques/mechanisms employed for masking the bitter taste of oral pharmaceuticals. The unique features and principles of taste-masking approaches used in various patented technologies are discussed. A better understanding of these new patents and patented technologies will help researchers and pharmaceutical industries to select the appropriate platform, or to develop innovative products with improved taste masked properties
Bitter drugs, hot melt extrusion, nanohybrid system, patient compliance, platform technologies, taste masking
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, M. D. University, Rohtak, India