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Recent Patents on Biomarkers
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Recent Patents on Metalloproteinases as Biomarkers in Osteoarthritis Diagnosis and Treatment

Author(s): Raymundo Cruz, Magdalena Miranda-Sánchez, David Solís-García and Juan B. Kouri
Osteoarthritis is a multifactorial joint disease affecting millions of patients all around the world. Some inflammatory mediators as interleukin-1 beta and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, among others, are involved in stimulating the metalloproteinases production in the osteoarthritis disease process. These enzymes degrade all the articular cartilage extracellular matrix components; such as collagen, aggrecan and non-collagen proteins. In osteoarthritis, the expression of metalloproteinases is elevated and some considerable efforts have been made in order to design effective inhibitors of enzymes activity and/or synthesis with the intention of limiting the connective tissues destruction within the joints. As of yet, there are no effective clinical inhibitors; however, published patents employing metalloproteinases as early osteoarthritis biomarkers and/or targets for effective therapies might be able to provide new opportunities to prevent joint destruction related to osteoarthritis.
Aggrecan, biomarkers, cartilage, collagen, metalloproteinases, osteoarthritis, patents