Pleurotus nebrodensis A Very Special Mushroom

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First described by Giuseppe Inzenga in 1863 as “the most delicious mushroom of the Sicilian mycological flora”, Pleurotus nebrodensis remains today a prized species , especially in the ...
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Market Outlook, Production Chain and Technological Innovation for Pleurotus nebrodensis mushrooms

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Maria Letizia Gargano, Georgios I. Zervakis, Alessandro Saitta and Giuseppe Venturella


This chapter provides a report of a marketing investigation performed in synergy with private companies in order to activate a production chain for the cultivation and trade of Pleurotus nebrodensis. A recent experience of technological innovation carried out in a farm of the Madonie (N. Sicily) territory is also presented. Notes on the status of Critically Endangered species and pertinent legislation are also provided.


Conservation techniques, Consumers, Cultivation techniques, Dactylium dendroides, IUCN, Labeling, Legislation, Madonie Regional Park, Madonie Mts., Market, Monitoring system, Mushrooms, Packaging, Pleurotus nebrodensis, Production chain, Red List, Sicily, Technological innovation, Traditional recipes, Trichoderma spp.


Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Università of Palermo, vialedelle Scienze 11, I-90128, Palermo, Italy.