Pleurotus nebrodensis A Very Special Mushroom

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First described by Giuseppe Inzenga in 1863 as “the most delicious mushroom of the Sicilian mycological flora”, Pleurotus nebrodensis remains today a prized species , especially in the ...
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The Genus Pleurotus in Italy and the Sicilian taxa

Pp. 57-62 (6)

Giuseppe Venturella, Maria Letizia Gargano and Alessandro Saitta


This chapter provides a brief description of species diversity and distribution of taxa belonging to the genus Pleurotus for each Italian region. For taxa that grow on the Sicilian territory and belong to the so-called “Pleurotus eryngii species-complex” ecological data are also reported.


Apiaceae, Basidiomycota, Cachrys ferulacea, Distribution, Ecology, Elaeoselinum asclepium subsp. asclepium, Eryngium campestre, Ferula communis var. communis, Fungi, Intra-population variability, Italy, Pleurotus, Pleurotus eryngii var. elaeoselini, Pleurotus eryngii var. eryngii, Pleurotus eryngii var. ferulae, Pleurotus eryngii var. thapsiae, Pleurotus nebrodensis, Sicily, Systematic, Thapsia garganica.


Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Università of Palermo, vialedelle Scienze 11, I-90128, Palermo, Italy.