Immunology of Pregnancy 2013

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Since a September, 1992, Nature article which read: “Can there be life without LIF?”, researchers now realize that the maternal immune system is both a foe (it can reject the conception) and a ...
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Part B: Immunoregulation at the Interface by Placental Suppressor Factors

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Gérard Chaouat


In this brief sub-chapter we review first quickly pregnancy specific proteins (which were at the time seen in a context of general dampening of maternal immune response) to discuss then anergy inducing placental factors and exosomes. We finish by dealing with placenta integrated retroviruses, and their immunosuppressive properties.


Placenta, Immunity, Suppression, Induction, IDO, HcG, PIF, EPF.PIBF, HLA-G, Factors, Anergy, Exosomes, IL-10, Retrovirus, Syncitin.


Director of Research Emeritus, U976 INSERM /UMR 976 CNRS Saint Louis Hospital 75010, Paris France.