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Huiyu Zhou
Queen's University Belfast
United Kingdom


Modeling the Workpiece Roughness Using Fuzzy Logic Modeling

Author(s): Hussien M. Al-Wedyan.


In this paper, first order Sugeno-fuzzy logic-based models are constructed using the cutting parameters as an input data and the surface roughness (roundness) as an output data. Mapping between the input-output spaces is constructed to find the effect of the input cutting parameters on the output surface quality in terms of roundness error which is an indication of the surface roughness. Hence, the best cutting conditions in the lathe machine are selected to improve the output. A method is proposed to accurately establish the relationship between the different cutting parameters and the resulting surface irregularities which form the surface roughness using subtractive clustering technique based first order Sugeno fuzzy model. Model having minimum errors with fewer numbers of rules for each surface irregularity is obtained through enumerative search of the clustering parameters. The resulted model with optimum clustering parameters is then tuned by using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). Consequently, the proposed model is successfully used to predict and minimize the roughness error using different cutting parameters involved in this investigation. Consequently, the machinist will decide beforehand which tool he should use before conducting the experiment, which will save time, effort and money. Hence, the best parameters can be picked up to achieve a reduced roundness error. The first model considers two cutting parameters as an input to the process. The second model will include tool usage as a third input. It shows that the tool usage should be included due to its effect in deteriorating the surface quality. In the second model, minimum roundness equals to 0.998 m with 21.1 Hz, 0.0944 mm/rev, and 3.08 for workpiece frequency, feed rate and tool usage, respectively. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview about the use of first order Sugeno-fuzzy logic-based models in machining processes by addressing recent patents and scholarly articles on the subject of design, control and application of such systems.

Keywords: ANFIS, cutting parameters, first order Sugeno, fuzzy logic, lathe machine, roughness.

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Year: 2013
Page: [203 - 216]
Pages: 14
DOI: 10.2174/22131116113066660011
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