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Recent Patents on Flavonoids

Author(s): Gokhale Mamta, Y. K. Bansal and S. S. Sandhu

Affiliation: Department of Botany & Microbiology, St. Aloysius Autonomous College, Jabalpur, India.


Flavonoids are substances which are widely distributed in the plant kingdom. They occur in considerable quantities in common food products, spices and beverages. Interest of researchers has been greatly enhanced towards therapeutic potential of flavonoids in last some years. This review summarizes important patents pertaining to recent biotechnological techniques applied for the production, analysis of biosynthetic pathways, effects and applications of different flavonoids. For systematic studies investigations which have been published in the form of patents, are classified in different sectors like biosynthesis, medical application, antimicrobial activity, alteration of flower color, industrial application, cosmetics, food and plant tissue culture. A number of activities have been observed in each sector with vast area of research on flavonoids.

Keywords: Biosynthetic pathway, flavonoids, genetic transformation, immune system.

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Page: [179 - 196]
Pages: 18
DOI: 10.2174/18722083113076660009