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Drug Delivery Letters
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Review on Novel Carrier System: Liposomes and Proliposomes

Author(s): Gangadhar Veerapu, Gangadharappa H.V., B. Nagashubha and Balamuralidhara V.
For many years, attempts that have been made to improve the stability of liposomes by several methods, including preparing more stable bi-layers, coating their surface with protecting polymers, and modifying charge. These methods on subjecting to certain modifications has given rise to a novel type of liposomes called proliposomes. Proliposomes are defined as dry, free-flowing particles with a dispersed system that can immediately form a liposomal suspension when in contact with water. These Proliposomes are as good as or even better than conventional liposomes. Because of their solid properties, the physical stability of liposomes can be improved upon without influencing their intrinsic characteristics and exhibit more advantages in promoting drug absorption. Therefore, proliposomes would be a potential vehicle to help improve the oral absorption of hydrophobic drugs. The focus of this review is to bring out different aspects related to liposomes, Proliposomes preparation, characterization, entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release, applications and merits.
Cholesterol, Liposome, Proliposome, Phospholipid, Reticulo endothelial system (RES)