Networking Humans, Robots and Environments

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This book dives into the heart of how to design distributed control architectures for heterogeneous teams of humans, robots, and automated systems, enabling them to achieve greater cooperation and ...
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Networked Robotics: Developments and Opportunities

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Gerard McKee and Blesson Varghese


Networked Robotics has come a significant way since its inception in the early 90’s in the form of online (web-based) robot systems. Its progress since that time has been allied closely to the development of the web, the Internet and computer networking technology, notably wireless networks. Where is networked robotics now and what does the future hold? This chapter explores these questions from the viewpoint of research in the Active Robotics Laboratory at the University of Reading in the UK for the period from the early 1990s up to 2011. This research has focused on networked robotics as a distributed set of computing and robotics resources. Previous work on online robot systems, distributed software models and cooperative robotics is reviewed along with recent work on swarm systems and swarm-array computing, which takes some of the ideas of networked robotics into the field of fault tolerance for high performance computing systems.


Faculty of Computer Science and IT Baze University Abuja, Nigeria