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Pabulo Henrique Rampelotto  
Center of Biotechnology and PPGBCM
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre, RS


Hyperthermophilic Enzymes: Their Potential in Biotechnology

Author(s): Luisa Maurelli, Alessandra Morana.


Enzymes from hyperthermophiles exhibit elevated thermostability and among them, cellulases, amylases, xylanases, proteases, pectinases, lipases and esterases represent extremozymes with great potential for application in various biotechnological processes.

Currently, among the microorganisms commercially exploited, there are only a few examples of extremophiles. However, the interest towards their biocatalysts that is continuously increasing as a result of new developments in cultivation of extremophiles and success in the cloning and expression of their genes in mesophilic hosts, will increase their spread. In this review, special attention has been dedicated to the major classes of enzymes of potential interest in biotechnological applications.

Keywords: Alpha-amylase, cellulase, esterase, hyperthermophilic enzymes, lipase, pullulanase, xylanase.

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Article Details

Year: 2013
Page: [313 - 324]
Pages: 12
DOI: 10.2174/18722083113076660032
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