The Theory of Thin Antennas and Its Use in Antenna Engineering

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This book deals with the methods of theoretical and experimental research of antennas, which are based on the electromagnetic (EM) theory. The theory of thin antennas explains antenna analysis, as ...
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Boris Levin


Main circuits of antenna arrays and their characteristics are described. Flat log-periodic structure, reflect arrays and adaptive systems are considered in greater details including the use of algorithms of adaptation and adaptive control of weighting coefficients, which is performed by the adaptive processor.


Adaptive array, Adaptive control of weighting coefficients, Adaptive processor, Algorithms of adaptation, Array on the basis of existing set of ship antennas, Broadside radiation, Log-periodic dipole antenna, Flat log-periodic structure close to the self-complementary one, Microstrip antenna, Minimum backward radiation, Multiple-stacked antenna, Pattern, Phase step during reradiating, Principle of the current cut-off, Radiation in the prescribed direction, Reflect array, Relationships of similarity, Theorem of pattern multiplication.


Holon Institute of Technology Israel