Internet Multimedia Search and Mining

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With the explosion of video and image data available on the Internet, desktops and mobile devices, multimedia search has gained immense importance. Moreover, mining semantics and other useful ...
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Web Music Indexing and Search

Pp. 367-396 (30)

Lie Lu and Zhiwei Li


This chapter presents music indexing schemes by exploiting and utilizing two data sources: surrounding text on web pages and metedata describing music attributes. We first present a framework to index and organize web music by discovering its inherent structure attributes with trustworthy domain knowledge. In this approach, layered LSI spaces are first built to represent the hierarchically structured domain knowledge, music object representation is then constructed through hyperlink analysis, and the structure attributes of a music object is finally discovered by matching against the domain knowledge. This approach also indicates a new way to organize dispersive information on the Surface Web by using trustworthy Deep Web knowledge. We further present our work on enhancing music indexing with automatic music annotation, which attempts to automatically annotate a music object with a set of semantic labels (tags) to create metadata describing its attributes and to facilitate music search, organization, and recommendation. Besides modeling music annotation as a multi-label binary classification task, we also attempt to discover the correlation between semantic labels and present an approach to collective music semantic annotation.


Music indexing, music search, automatic music annotation, collective annotation, deep web, knowledge space building, layered LSI, web object, web object representation, confidence propagation, multi-label classification


Dolby Laboratories.