Internet Multimedia Search and Mining

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With the explosion of video and image data available on the Internet, desktops and mobile devices, multimedia search has gained immense importance. Moreover, mining semantics and other useful ...
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Cross-modality Indexing, Browsing and Search of Distance Learning Media on the Web

Pp. 353-366 (14)

Alon Efrat, Arnon Amir, Kobus Barnard and Quanfu Fan


A large segment of people across the world have to search and browse the distance learning media, which calls for better indexing techniques. In this chapter, we introduce such an indexing technique by making full use of the slide channel. The slide channel is created by matching slides to video segments, and the video can be better indexed by mining the information in slide channel. Then we introduce several applications that benefit from the slide channel.


Cross-modality, Indexing, Distance Learning, data mining, slides, electronic presentations, Multimodality, backprojection, increased Accessibility, Slides


The University of Arizona.