Internet Multimedia Search and Mining

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With the explosion of video and image data available on the Internet, desktops and mobile devices, multimedia search has gained immense importance. Moreover, mining semantics and other useful ...
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Flickr Distance for Internet Multimedia Search and Mining

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Lei Wu and Xian-Sheng Hua


In this chapter, we will introduce the Flickr distance (FD), which is used to measure the visual correlation between concepts. The relationship between concepts is a reflection of human perception, which is formed mainly based on the human visual information. Thus mining the conceptual correlation from visual information makes sense.

Flickr distance is calculated in two steps, concept modeling and concept distance estimation. In the first step, each concept is assumed to have multiple states, such as front views, side views, multiple semantics, etc., each of which is considered as a latent topic. For each concept, a collection of related images are obtained from the web, and then a latent topic visual language model (LTVLM) is built to capture these states. In the second step, the distance between two concepts is estimated by the Jensen-Shannon (JS) divergence between their LTVLM.

Different from traditional conceptual distance measurements, which are based on Web text documents, FD is based on the visual information. Comparing with the WordNet distance, FD can easily scale up with the increasing size of conceptual corpus. Comparing with the Google distance (NGD) and Tag Concurrence Distance (TCD), FD uses the visual information and can measure more kinds of conceptual relations properly. We apply FD to multimedia related tasks and find FD is more helpful than NGD. Based on FD, we also construct a large scale visual conceptual network (VCNet) to store the knowledge of conceptual relationship. Experiments show that FD is more coherent to human perception and can help boosting the performance of several applications over the existing methods.


Flickr distance, conceptual similarity, visual language model, distance measurement, multimedia search, data mining, similarity search, image analysis, visual similarity, image annotation, image tagging, image retrieval


University of Pittsbugh.