Recent Patents on Corrosion Science

Oleg L. Figovsky  
R&D of International Nanotechnology Research Centre
Migdal HaEmek


Progress in Elaboration of Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Materials

Author(s): O. Figovsky, D. Beilin and A. Leykin

Affiliation: Polymate LTD.-International Nanotechnology Research Center, Migdal HaEmek, Israel.


Elaborations in the field of chemical and abrasion resistant coatings and composite polymer materials by company Polymate LTD.-INRC (Israel) and its employees are reviewed. The main fields of advanced corrosion resistance materials are liquid and water based rubber compositions, hybrid nonisocyanate polyurethane coatings, nanostructured organic-mineral coatings. The review includes patents used by the industry of several countries of Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.Chemical resistant materials, abrasion resistant materials, polymeric materials for coatings, hybrid nonisocyanate urethane-epoxides, nanostructured hybrid oligomer composition, rubber-based compositions, organic-mineral coatings.

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Article Details

Page: [22 - 26]
Pages: 5
DOI: 10.2174/22106839112029990007