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Recent Patents on Signal Processing
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Cyclic Interleaving for Multiple Vertical Parities in Distributed Turbo Product Codes

Author(s): Esam A. Obiedat and Lei Cao
In this paper, we design distributed Turbo Product Codes (TPC) for cooperative communications. Specifically, to improve performance by using multiple relays, we propose Cyclic Interleaver (CI), a novel method for TPC to obtain independent Multiple Vertical Parities (MVP) for different relays. With this method, codewords in different relays are all in the same coding space of the product codes and hence can be jointly decoded. At the receiver, we further modify the existing turbo product decoder to iteratively decode the source information from data received from both the source node and the relay nodes. The system performance is demonstrated via simulations.
Cyclic interleaving, distributed turbo product codes, cooperative coding, multiple relays