Traditional Window Designs of Kirklareli, Turkey

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Traditional Window Designs of Kirklareli, Turkey is original research on window design and presents readers the unique culture of Turkey. The theme of this book is based on samples of windows of the ...
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Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Windows in Kirklareli

Pp. 99-385 (287)

Nevnihal Erdoğan and Izzet Yüksek


This chapter presents 103 examples of late 19th century and early 20th century windows in 89 traditional houses in Kirklareli, Turkey. The windows are presented, using drawings and photographs of varying scales, according to their different characteristics, related to the storey on which they were located. These drawings include images from inner and outer sides, plan and vertical sections, and details from different points of the windows. In addition to visual explanations, each window was analyzed in terms of a) the house in which they were placed, b) structural characteristics, c) complementary elements, and d) stylistic characteristics. At the end of this chapter, new design suggestions are proposed, involving the detailing the stylistic characteristics of structural window profiles. In addition, it was concluded that the study can served as a beneficial resource for urban conservation and planning activities.


Akalar district, Bademilk district, Bay Windows, Cumhuriyet district, Demirtaş district, Doğu districts, Hacı Zekeriya district, Haydar district, İstasyon district, Jewish street, Karacaibrahim district, Karahıdır district, Karakaş district, Kocahıdır district, Pınar district, Roof of window, Sash window, Tellakzade district, Kirklareli traditional window, Yayla district.


Kocaeli University Faculty of Architecture and Design Department of Architecture, Turkey.