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Preparation, Evaluation and Need of Spherical Crystallization in Case of High Speed Direct Tabletting

Author(s): Suneel Pandey, Arun T. Patil.


In direct compression (DC), the significance of usual flow properties of powder from the hopper to the dies of the tablet machine cannot be overstressed. Ensuring the free flow of powder presents a number of challenges to the pharmaceutical formulator in case of high speed tabletting. This research work was conceived to obtain directly compressible agglomerates by spherical crystallization technique and were comparatively evaluated for physicochemical properties as well as tableting properties of agglomerates and unprocessed aceclofenac. Agglomerates of aceclofenac were developed via spherical crystallization method by a solvent arrangement containing dichloromethane (DCM) as a good solvent, water as a bad solvent and acetone as a bridging liquid. Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) in variable quantity was implemented as hydrophilic polymer. The agglomerates were evaluated for yield, solubility, drug content, FTIR spectroscopy, porosity, particle size, micromeritic properties, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray diffraction studies (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and dissolution studies. The agglomerates expressed improved micromeritic and dissolution properties, in equivalence to pure drug. Formulation F3 (optimized agglomerates) exposed estimable rotundity, better drug release, and easily compression into tablets by high speed DC Technique. The tablets showed acceptable physicochemical properties and complied with the pharmacopoeial specifications. The dissolution rate of prepared tablets from agglomerates was better than the tablets of pure drug. The F3 agglomerates show splendid physicochemical and micromeritic properties. Agglomerated compression mix also showed good tableting properties as needed for high speed compression and enough stability under accelerated conditions at least for 1 month.

Keywords: Aceclofenac, Direct compression, High speed tabletting, Powder flowability and spherical crystallization.

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