Bioencapsulation of Living Cells for Diverse Medical Applications

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Bioencapsulation (or microencapsulation) of cells and their implantation into a body of immunoprotected cells allows researchers to revive a missing or defective function in the cells. ...
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Inducible Systems for Cell Therapy and Encapsulation Approaches

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Viktoria Ortner, Cornelius Kaspar and Thomas Czerny


Encapsulation of heterologous cells allows the production of therapeutic substances selectively in the required tissues of the patient. Thus high local concentrations help to minimise side effects in other parts of the body. Nevertheless, most substances show small therapeutic windows also at their site of action. Furthermore, the timing of the release has to be adjusted to the requirements of the patient and the treatment. Regulation from the outside is therefore necessary to adjust the expression in the transplanted cells.


Inducible systems, gene expression, alternating magnetic field, heat shock response, regulated gene expression, heat shock promoter, encapsulation, cell therapy, biological, personalized medicine, temperature increase.


University of Applied Sciences, FH Campus Wien, Department for Applied Life Sciences, Helmut-Qualtinger-Gasse 2, A-1030 Vienna, Austria